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has her head in the clouds
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United States
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Favourite genre of music: most anything, but am not a big fan of country or rap
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Personal Quote: An instant of that glittering seven colors is more beautiful than an eternity of grey.
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Apparently, we are no longer a "team" in this tournamentlocke. Apparently, instead, Lunala has gone crazy and wants all of us to destroy each other in a free-for-all tournament battle. Looks like Lunala likes a good bloodbath. Now the stakes have been raised and we have the "Bloodmoon Tournament". See here: Sun vs. Moon Tournamentlocke - Round 1And the deadline has ended!
You can no longer submit to this tournament.
Not with the kind of crowd I had initially thought but here we are.
According to legends the legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala choose a handful of champions to be put in battle in their name. These champions bear the mark of their chosen deity and must battle as they are demanded. Those who bear the same mark can communicate among one another through some sort of spirit realm and be able to lend pokémon to one another for their aid.
Now with that in mind here is the list of chosen champions.
Lunala has chosen:
Solgaleo has chosen:
Solgaleo? Are you really going to send in just one?
Solgaleo: "... To my up most apology I must say my call has gone unheard for the few champions that I had chosen. I hereby request to forfeit. I will not send my champions to their deaths."
Very well in tha

As for the purpose of my log, I'm still calling this "Team Moon" because my team has the moon naming scheme. For the previous log entry, please read here: Team Moon! A Tournamentlocke Playthrough - Part 1***POKEMON SUN/MOON SPOILERS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK
Hi there! This is to catalogue my Pokemon Moon run for :iconFroslassManiac:'s Tournamentlocke in which nuzlockers who are playing Pokemon Moon are pitted against those playing Pokemon Sun. Basically, we all play up til certain points in the games and then have some competitive battles against one another to gain points for our respective teams. At the end, the team with the most points wins. Check out more details and also Nuzlocke rules over here.
I am on Team Moon, and for the purposes of the theme, I am naming all of my Pokemon after the moons of the planets of the solar system.
I will be writing this as I go along, since I must put up my proof of victory and my team roster for every stopping point before our teams get together to battle one another. I figured, s

If you have read that one, please read on...

For this entry, we have the first round of battles for the Tournamentlocke. I was paired with the illustrious :iconcrystalitar: to do battle with. Her team had a spices naming scheme, which is kind of adorable!

So here we go: Team Moon vs Team Spice!

Team Moon
Player Character: Rhea
Oberon the Torracat
Ymir the Smeargle
Phobos the Misdreavus
Nereid the Zubat
Titania the Petilil

Team Spice
Player Character
: Kolasi
Valerian the male Torracat
Dill the female Zubat
Cedar the male Oricorio
Thyme the male Trumbeak
Coriander the male Gastly
Rosemary the female Makuhita

I'm at a bit of a disadvantage at the start, since I had one less Pokemon on my team, but that's just how nuzlockes go.

The battle started with my Oberon the Torracat vs her Dill the Zubat. Dill tried to confuse Oberon with Confuse Ray, but Oberon managed to get through the confusion to KO the Zubat with a couple of Fire Fangs.

Next, Coriander the Gastly comes in and puts a Curse on Oberon. I switch in my own Zubat, Nereid. But Coriander curses her, too, fainting himself in the process. Crystalitar brings in Rosemary the Makuhita, and uses Fake Out, but since Nereid has Inner Focus, she doesn't flinch. Two Wing Attacks KO Rosemary. At this point Nereid is at 5hp from the Curse.

Ceder the Oricorio is sent out and uses Work Up. Nereid uses Confuse Ray before she faints of Curse damage. I send out Phobos the Misdreavus and use Echoed Voice. Looks like the RNG is on my side for this one, since Ceder hits himself in confusion twice. A second Echoed Voice defeats the Oricorio.

Crystalitar sends in her Torracat, Valerian. He gets hit with Echoed Voice, but the Red Card he is holding forces Phobos to switch out, and forces my own Torracat in. Oberon uses Work Up to boost his stats. The two Torracats keep using Lick on each other for a few rounds after that. Valerian ends up fainting, but not before paralyzing Oberon.

Finally, Thyme the Trumbeak comes in and uses Echoed Voice continuously. Oberon is paralyzed, but he manages to use a powered up Fire Fang (from the Work Up, earlier) and defeats the Trumbeak.

Thus concludes the epic battle between Rhea and Kolasi.


Thank you Crystalitar, for the wonderful battle! I had a lot of fun!
You readers should check out her art - she does a lot of Pokemon related stuff as well as some of her own designs!

To see the results of the first round of the Bloodmoon Tournamentlocke go here: Bloodmoon Tournamentlocke - Round 1 Results
Lunala: "Hee hee. ~ I like it when people are quick to pace."
Round 1 Victors
They will all obtain one victory point
Current Status:
:iconjadethestone: 1 Pt.
:iconFroslassManiac: 1 Pt.
:iconTlozyp: 1 Pt.
:iconKidariko: 0 Pt.
:iconCrystalitar: 0 Pt.
:iconthatlurkerguy: 0 Pt.
Lunala: "Let's keep things on the move."
Lunala: "Your next challenge will be to defeat the next Kahuna at a maximum level of 29. I will wait no longer than January the 22nd. What ever you do in the meantime is of no concern to me."

Other credits for this log go to :iconfroslassmaniac: for organizing the tournament.
And to :iconkrisantyne: for inspiring me to write this log.
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