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I was tagged to do this meme by two people: :iconupygoo: and :iconumbreongal:. I have technically done this before, but it was with my non-nuzlocke character, Zyx (you can check out that meme entry here -…). So for the sake of the nuzlocke community, I'll be doing one for Will and Liberty.

Rules are as follows:
1. Post the rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 people and their characters (I'm not doing this since I suck at tagging. If you are reading this and want to do it, pick your fave OC and do it).
4. Post the tagger's and the tagged's name and their characters.

The facts:
This was actually a bit tougher than I thought. Some of the facts I will write will actually be explored more in the comic as well, so sorry if this becomes redundant eventually...

8 Facts about Will:

1. She is left handed.
2. She is a big fan of the Unovan Gym Leader, Roxie's music.
3. Will cannot swim.
4. She is afraid of dense woods at nighttime.
5. Will was born on September 19th. Her Pokemon astrological symbol is Gothorita.
6. She has little to no athletic ability, yet is fairly graceful and has decent balance - you have to when you wear the kind of shoes she wears.
7. Will was born in a suburb of Goldenrod City and her family moved to New Bark Town when she was about 8. Despite her disinterest in Pokemon Training, much if her young life in Goldenrod was spent around Pokemon. Her father owned a Golduck and a Magnezone, and her mother worked in the Pokemon Day Care center.
8. Jade is Will's best friend and one of her only (human) friends. Will tells Jade pretty much everything and Jade is the only person (other than her parents) whom she allows to hug her.

8 facts about Liberty:

1. She is a purebred - both of her parents are Feraligatrs. She was bred specifically for being a starter Pokemon (like most starters).
2. Liberty spent most of her life in lab facilities. She has little first hand experience with the outside world, but can read the human language and learned about the world through books. She is fairly naïve and lacks some basic knowledge of things, but she is rather clever and perceptive, making her a decent strategist.
3. Liberty loves a challenge and is somewhat of an adrenaline junkie.
4. She grew up with Meelo and Tyne and considers them like family. She is truly hurt by Tyne leaving in the way he did since she sees it as a betrayal of trust.
5. Liberty was born 5 years ago, but Pokemon age a bit differently than humans. Evolution is also a factor in Pokemon maturity, so a younger Pokemon evolving increases their maturation more than an older Pokemon evolving. At the pace she is growing now, Liberty will be around Will's "age" (maturity-wise) by the time she's a Feraligatr.
6. Pokemon tend to be more open to the concept of the gender and sexuality spectrum due to the fact that there are a large amount of genderless Pokemon, many Pokemon have a close pack-mentality, and that there is a lot of variation in egg groups. Partnerships between Pokemon often have more to do with romantic ties or for keeping peace in the group rather than always being about the desire/need to mate. Liberty is no different and is closer to what humans would call bi-sexual/bi-romantic.
7. Liberty is aware of the legends regarding Lugia and has always wanted to meet the "guardian of the sea".
8. Never mess with her friends. Liberty is the type to hold grudges.

That's all. Hope you liked reading this. You are now tagged. Yes, even you.
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Meanwhile, I'll make sure to continue to create high quality comics! :)
UnitScout Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
It is not going to be a comic but a normal text story. To be honest, any comic make has a major advantage because they have pictures and I don't. I just hope I have enough new ideas to make it stand out.
jadethestone Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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I'm sure your ideas will stand out! Good luck!
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